Tragic Fatal Accident Reported on County Line Road in Randolph County, Illinois

RANDOLPH COUNTY, IL- According to an Illinois man died in a crash in Randolph County last weekend. The victim was identified as 20-year-old Robert Cassady.

Cassady was traveling northbound on County Line Road when his vehicle left the road. Cassidy’s truck collided with a mailbox before returning to the road and then flipping over. Reports indicate that Cassady died at the scene of the crash.

Rollover collisions often occur when only one vehicle is involved in a crash. In fact, around 75 percent of fatal rollover accidents occur in single-vehicle crashes. These accidents happen when a driver loses control of the vehicle they are traveling in, andit begins to turn sideways and slide. In many cases, the vehicle will hit a bump or a guardrail that causes the vehicle to trip. Then the vehicle begins to roll. Other times, rollovers are the result of driversattempting to overcorrect or turn too sharply.

When it comes to rollover crashes, not all vehicles are created equal. Vehicles that are taller and have higher centers of gravity are at a greater risk of flipping over in an accident. Trucks, pickup trucks, and SUVs all have a higher risk of rolling in a crash than so smaller, lower to the ground cars.

Rollover crashes are also deadlier than most other collisions. While they are somewhat rare, and only make upabout a little over 2 percent of total crashes, more than one-third of all traffic fatalities occur in rollover crashes.

One way to greatly reduce your risk of dying in a rollover crash is to wear a seatbelt. Well over half of all victims in rollover collisions failed to wear a seatbelt. The number of people who survive vehicle rollovers would increase if everyone buckled up.

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