Tragic, Fatal Car Collision in Champaign, Illinois

Teen Dies After Suffering Multiple Injuries In Two-Car Crash

CHAMPAIGN, Ill.– April 20, 2018 (WCIA) According to a report on, a teenager was killed in a two-car collision early Friday morning. Nineteen-year-old Justin Shaw died from the severe injuries that he suffered during the wreck.

Reports regarding the accident do not say whether Justin Shaw was a driver of one of the vehicles involved in the wreck, or whether he was a passenger. All fatal accidents are tragic, and accidents that claim the lives of young people are especially so. For that reason, Illinois has adopted graduated driver licensing laws, or GDLs, that aim to keep young drivers and their passengers safe by giving them restricted driving privileges initially, and then adding additional rights as they gain experience, skill, and maturity.

Illinois allows teens to get learner’s permits at age fifteen, which is earlier than many states. Parental consent and pre-permit testing are required before a learner’s permit can be granted. When a teen gets a learner’s permit, there are restrictions on nighttime driving, passenger restrictions, and cell phone use as well as time requirements for supervised driving that must be achieved before the driver can apply for an initial driver’s license. Sixteen and seventeen-year-olds who have fulfilled the requirements of their learner’s permits can apply for an initial driver’s license, which has nighttime driving restrictions as well as passenger restrictions and prohibits cell phone use. When a driver with an initial license turns eighteen, they can apply for a full driver’s license, provided they have complied with all of the terms and conditions of an initial license. They are then free to drive at any time of day or night.