Tragic, Fatal Rollover Accident in Danville, Illinois

Man Dies In Rollover Wreck

DANVILLE, Ill.-April 18, 2018 (WAND) According to a report from WAND-TV, one person died in a rollover wreck in Vermilion County. Twenty-three-year-old Tyler B. Brennan was driving on 1970 East Road when he lost control of his car. The car rolled over after it left the roadway. Brennan was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, and he was ejected from the car.

When a person gets ejected from a vehicle, they often die, either immediately at the accident scene, or later, as the result of their injuries. People who wear seatbelts do occasionally get ejected from vehicles during wrecks, but When a person wears a seatbelt, the risk that they will be ejected in a crash is thirty times lower than the ejection risk for people who are not wearing seatbelts. In any motor vehicle wreck, there is a seventy-five percent chance that any person who gets ejected from the vehicle will die.

Seat belt use can also reduce the severity of injuries suffered by car crash victims. When a person remains in a vehicle during a wreck, they are likely to be hurt less severely than if they get ejected. Injuries that are less severe require less medical care. On average, accident victims who wear seat belts have medical bills that are fifty percent lower than the medical bills for accident victims who do not wear seat belts.

Children who get ejected from vehicles are even more likely to die than adults are, because of their small size Fortunately, child restraints are designed to keep kids safely inside of vehicles during accidents.  Choosing and using the right child safety seats and seat belts can prevent approximately eighty percent of child and infant car accident