Tragic Hit-and-Run Accident Kills One in Stone Park, Illinois

STONE PARK, IL- writes that a man died in a pedestrian accident. The victim was identified as Mr. Cortez, 57. Cortez was reported to have been hit by a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Cortez was crossing the road on the 1600 block of Manheim at about 6:25 in the evening when the speeding vehicle struck him and then fled the scene of the accident.

Witnesses say that the vehicle suffered damage to its front-end but drove away.

Cortez was transported to the Gottlieb Memorial Hospital. He was declared dead around 40 minutes after the accident.

According to the victim’s family, Cortez moved to the United States from Mexico about 25 years ago. He traveled between the United States and Mexico, where his wife and children stayed. Less than one year ago, Cortez’s wife and children gained legal status to move to be with him in the Chicago area.

The victim’s nephew says that Cortez worked hard for many years and applied many times to try to bring his family to America to give them a better life.

One local says that the area where Cortez was killed is dangerous and that many accidents occur in the area annually.

Police are hoping to get more information fromwitnesses. The incident occurred during busy rush hour traffic and surveillance cameras caught images of the vehicle, but few witnesses have come forward, andthe video is grainy and not clear.

The victim’s family is hoping that the driver will be caught and face justice.

Police are asking that anyone with information, pleasecome forward and report to the police.