Tragic Pedestrian Accident in West Englewood at Damen Avenue and 71st Street

Young Child Killed in Tragic Pedestrian Accident


Chicago, Illinois– (Chicago TribuneABC 7WGN 9, and CBS Chicago) According to reports from the Chicago TribuneABC 7WGN 9, and CBS Chicago, a two-year-old boy is dead following a gruesome pedestrian accident. The horrific, early evening crash occurred on the South Side of West Englewood, at the intersection of Damen Avenue and 71st Street.


A surveillance camera near the accident scene recorded the deadly incident as it unfolded. The video footage shows Kiare Woods and his aunt holding hands as they wait near the crosswalk.  As the two pedestrians reach a point where they are about halfway across the street, a minivan turns left and strikes them.


After the collision, the video shows that Kiare’s aunt gets up off of the ground and runs to the boy, who is laying in the road. She picks him up and runs with him to the sidewalk, where onlookers lay down their coats to make a soft place for her to set him down. One person who witnessed the crash said that the boy was bleeding heavily from his head. Kiare was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition. He died at the hospital from the injuries he received in the accident. His aunt, who is pregnant, received treatment for her injuries, which appear to be limited to one of her arms.


An investigation into the accident is underway. Police have not yet made any charges against the driver of the minivan. It is unclear whether the traffic signal at the intersection indicated that the minivan or the pedestrians were to be moving when the collision happened. The driver was given a sobriety test as part of the accident investigation and is cooperating fully in the investigation.