Train Hits and Kills Pedestrian in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois (CBS) CBS News reports that a woman got killed by a train in Homewood. The fatal crash happened at the Homewood Metra Station. Metra and the Homewood Police Department are investigating the deadly accident, and have released few details about the crash.

Did you know that train vs. pedestrian collisions are the number one cause of railway fatalities? Over seven thousand pedestrians have been hit and killed by trains within the past ten years, and another six thousand or more have been hurt in train-pedestrian accidents. While the number of fatal automobile-train accidents has been declining in recent years, the number of train-pedestrian fatalities has remained relatively steady. The distribution of train-pedestrian fatalities among the states correlates with population numbers, with more populous states having higher numbers of train-pedestrian fatalities.

There are various strategies for reducing the number of train-pedestrian collisions and fatalities. Keeping pedestrian traffic away from train tracks reduces crash risk, and in some areas, railroads have placed fences along specific areas of rail that are frequently used as crossings by pedestrians. Another element of railway infrastructure that can save lives by preventing train-pedestrian accidents is motion detection cameras that are installed on some railway bridges. The cameras not only alert train operators of the presence of pedestrians on tracks in an area, but they can also activate an audio warning that instructs pedestrians to leave the area because they are at risk of getting hit by a train. Pedestrian overpass bridges give pedestrians the convenience of crossing over railways in areas where they tend to cross anyways, but without risking their lives. Pedestrians can keep themselves safe by avoiding walking on or near railroad tracks and by using pedestrian overpasses where they are available.

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