Truck Driver Who Caused Crash with Basketball Team Bus Died in Collision

ILLINOIS- writes that a crash between a school bus and a semi-truck killed two people, including the driver of the truck and a volunteer on the school bus.*

The crash took place on Wednesday, December 5, 2017, on Interstate 74. The bus was carrying a girls’ basketball team from the Normal Community West High School. The freshman girls’ team was returning from a game in Champaign when the bus was hit head-on by a semi-truck that was traveling the wrong direction on the interstate.

The collision was reported as a “major traffic accident” that caused long traffic delays. Several people injured in the crash were rushed to hospitals via ambulances and helicopters.

The driver who was killed was a 34-year of man from Iowa. The authorities have not released his name.

The other victim was identified as 72-year-old Charles Crabtree who was a volunteer with the girls’ basketball team.

Two adults who were on the bus werealso severely injured and were taken to a hospital in Peoria via airlift.

Parents of the students were told to pick uptheir children at the school where staff memberswere present to offer assistance and support.

Drivers in large trucks are typically not the victims in multiple vehicle crashes. In deadly collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles, the people in the smaller vehicles are the ones who are killed 97 percent of the time. When drivers or occupants of large trucks are killed, it is often in crashes with other large trucks.

School buses are created to be the safest vehicles on the road,and while around 3 or 4 students are killed on these vehicles each year, the chances of dying while traveling on a school bus are far lower than they are when traveling in a passenger vehicle.

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