Two Dead and Two Charged After Fatal Street Racing Crash

DuPage County, IL- writes that charges have been filed against two men after a fatal street racing collision that left two other men dead. On Friday, December 7, 2018, the men were charged with “reckless homicide and aggravated street racing.”*

The drivers, Uriel Zenteno, 23, from West Chicago, and Jordan Gant, 20, of Bolingbrook were driving the racing vehicles. According to the authorities, at the time of the crash, Zenteno was driving 84 miles per hour, andGant was driving more than 90 miles per hour.

Chris Arbeen, 40, was in a vehicle that was hit head-on by one of the speeding vehicles. Miguel Flores, 23, was also killed. Flores was in Zenteno’s vehicle.

Street racing is a dangerous and often deadly practice, and statistics indicate that the victims are often not the people driving the vehicles. In fact, the drivers are killed in less than half of all street racing deaths. The break down of fatalities includes pedestrians, who are killed 6 percent of the time, spectators who are victims in 5 percent of crashes, 14 percent of victims are other motorists, 27 percent of victims are passengers and the drivers are killed in 47 percent of crashes.

While some street races are organized events, they are often spontaneous occurrences. In some instances, the racing drivers do not even know one another.

Street racing has been a problem for decades and goesback to the earliest days of automobiles. Police pointed out that these types of races became more popular following the success of “The Fast and the Furious” movies, but that they were unlikely to end anytime soon.

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