Two Dead, One Injured After Accident on I-57 Near Calumet Park

October 24, 2018 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports that two people are dead and one is injured following a motor vehicle wreck that was caused by a shooting. The incident happened near Calumet Park on I-57, near 123rd Street. Gunshots fired from inside of one vehicle damaged another vehicle before the car that had been shot crashed into a pole. Four people were in the car when it wrecked. One person was not injured, but the other three were taken to area hospitals, where two of them later died. Both deaths have been ruled homicides, as they were caused by the multiple gunshot wounds received by each of the victims and not by the automobile crash.

This tragic situation is a reminder that both car accidents and gun violence take many lives every day. While it may seem unusual that gunshots would cause a car crash, reports of car accidents caused by bullets and gunshot wounds are not uncommon. The factors that contribute to gun deaths differ significantly than the factors that contribute to automobile accident deaths, but when gun violence occurs on the road, the results are devastating. Statistics on the numbers of car crashes caused by gun violence are not readily available, but the numbers of fatalities for the two causes of death are often compared to each other. The number of car accident deaths has been declining steadily for decades, the number of deaths caused by gun violence has not. Some years, guns kill more people than car crashes do in some states. For example, in 2014, twenty-one states and the District of Columbia reported more deaths from firearms than from automobile wrecks.

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