Two Deadly Vehicle Collisions Reported in Bureau County, Princeton, Illinois

PRINCETON, IL- writes that two deadly crashes occurred this week in Bureau County. The first collision took place on Sunday. December 30, 2018, close to Tiskilwa. The second accident took place at about 2:30 in the morning on Interstate 80 and led to the death of a man from Chicago. Four other people were in the vehicle at the time of the crash, which was a rear-end accident.*

The victim of the first crash was Kristen Slutz, 33, who was killed in a one-vehicle rollover crash. Slutz was ejected from her vehicle at about 9:34 in the evening. The accident is still under investigation.

During the holiday season,there are more vehicles on the roadways as people drive to see family and friends and to attend various festivities. The higher number of vehicles on the road means that crashes are more likely.Out of town drivers unfamiliar with local roads create an additionalrisk, and drunk drivers cause many holiday season accidents as people consume alcohol at holiday parties.

It is important that anyone attending a social event where they will be consuming alcohol make arrangements to have a designated driver or use some form of ridesharingprogram rather than putting themselves and everyone on the road at risk by driving while under the influence.

Distracted driving can also be an issue when people are driving, especially if they are on the road in heavy or slow traffic and become bored. Drivers may find themselves tempted to text or call family and friends, or check emails, but all of these behaviors put everyone at risk. Drivers should put their phones down and pay attention to the road and to getting safely to their destination.

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