Two Die in Wreckon Archer in Homer Glen, Illinois – October 22, 2018

Homer Glen, Illinois – October 22, 2018 – NBC Chicago reports that two people are dead following an automobile wreck that happened in Homer Glen Sunday night. The crash happened when a man was driving a car northbound on Archer and crossed the median, striking the car of a woman who had been driving in the opposite direction. Both drivers died in the crash, and no passengers were riding in either of their vehicles. Authorities continue to investigate the wreck, including assessing the possibility that alcohol was a factor in the crash.

While it has not yet been classified as an alcohol-related wreck, the accident mentioned above serves a reminder to drivers about the types of car crashes that can happen when people drink and drive. Nearly thirty lives are lost each day as the result of drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. While the number of alcohol-related automobile wrecks has declined over the past thirty years, drunk driving is still a big problem, one that continues to claim approximately ten thousand lives per year.

Alcohol reduces the level of brain function, affecting reasoning, coordination, and decision-making in negative ways. Each of the aforementioned brain functions plays a critical role in safely operating a motor vehicle. When you drink alcohol, you cannot respond as quickly to things that you see around you. You’re also more likely to make bad decisions than you would if you did not consume alcohol. Many drivers know about the risks associated with alcohol use while driving. However, many may also be in the dark about just how little alcohol it takes to impair the brain functions that are required for safe driving. It takes much less alcohol to impair your driving abilities than it does for you to feel like you are impaired.

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