Two Hurt In Motorcycle Wreck at Intersection at Moline Road and Illinois 78

July 2, 2018– (The Dispatch) According to The Dispatch, two people got hurt in a motorcycle accident at the intersection of Moline Road and Illinois 78. A man riding a motorcycle rode through a stop sign and into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The driver of the car was unable to stop before colliding with the bike. An ambulance took the motorcycle rider and his passenger to a local hospital, and then they were airlifted to another hospital, where they received treatment for their injuries.

Motorcycles are everywhere, and while motorcycle enthusiasts often try to spend as much time on their bikes as they can during riding season, there is always the risk of an accident every time that they do so. Many riders and their passengers get severely injured or killed in accidents every year. The types of injuries that are most common for motorcycle accident victims are broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries, especially in situations where the rider is not wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet decreases head injury risk, but it cannot prevent all head injuries. More motorcycle accidents happen at night than during the day, because not only is it more challenging to ride at night, it is more difficult for the drivers of other vehicles to see motorcycles. It is estimated that sixty percent of fatal motorcycle wrecks happen at night.

Motorcycle accidents can happen in many ways. From running a stop sign as described above to aggressive riding, excessive speed, and riding under the influence of alcohol, there are some motorcycle accidents in which the rider makes a choice or a mistake that brings about the crash. At other times, the driver of a motor vehicle might cause a motorcycle wreck by failing to yield to an oncoming motorcycle.

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