Two Injured near Greenup in Crash on Interstate 70 in Cumberland County, Illinois

GREENUP- According to, two people sustained injuries in a crash in Cumberland County on Interstate 70 on Sunday, November 4, 2018. The crash took place while it was raining.

Reports from the Illinois State Police indicate that the crash took place at about 12:20 p.m. when a pickup truck was driving onto the entrance ramp at mile marker 119 on I-70. The driver of the pickup truck, Makenna R. Ochs, lost control of the vehicle on the slick road. The truck slid sideways and hit an SUV that was traveling eastbound in the left lane.

The vehicles both ended up on the median.

The occupants of the SUV, 49-year-old Larry D. Burroughsand 51-year-old Cheryl M. Burroughs, both of Louisville, were both transported to the St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital.

Police cited Ochs for his failure to reduce his speed to avoid an accident.

Weather can be one contributing factor in some accidents because it can reduce drivers’ visibility and have a negative impact on vehicle performance by reducing traction on the road. While snow and ice are often associated with unsafe driving conditions, the weather condition that is the deadliest is rain. Part of the reason could be that rain is more common and is common in more regions across the country. Another factor is that people are more likely to exercise an abundance of caution on icy roads or when it is snowing but may let their guard down during more common weather conditions like rain. Rain also impacts driver visibility and can cause roads to become slippery. In situations where there has not been rainin some time, oil can build up on the road and increase the slickness of the roadway once it rains.

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