Two Killed in Car Accident in Douglas County, Illinois Near Villa Grove

DOUGLAS COUNTY, IL- The writes that two people died in a crash on Friday, December 7, 2018, close to Villa Grove.*

One of the victims was identified as 66-year-oldKristine Trudeau of Villa Grove. The other victim was a school teacher in Heritage school district, 75-year-old John Jones of Villa Grove. Jones taught Spanish and had served as a substitute teacher for the Heritage High School for many years.

Jones’ wife, Shirley, was also in the vehicle and sustained severe injuries in the crash. Trudeau was a friend of the Jones family.

The vehicle that the victims were traveling in struck heavy machinery from behind at about 4:48 in the afternoon.The victims’ Mercury hit a piece of equipment called a “skid-steer” which removes debris. The person operating the skid-steer also went to the hospital.

Rear-end crashes are some of the more common accidents on the road. About 17,000 people die in these incidents annually, and many more suffer injuries. These crashes are almost always preventable. Most accidents involving a vehicle striking another vehicle from behind occur when a driver is not paying attention to the road in front ofthem or to slowing traffic. A momentary lapse in focus can cause a deadly crash.

Technology now exists that can identify objects and warn a driver when they are approaching objects such as other vehicles in the road and in some cases to applythe vehicle’s brakes. This technology could save thousands of lives every year. The technology could cut down on rear-end collisions by an estimated 80 percent. The National Transportation Safety Board recommends that these features should come standard in all new vehicles at no added cost to consumers. They compared the technology to seatbelts.

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