Two Police Officers Injured in Englewood Crash

CHICAGO, Ill. — Two police officers sustained injuries, and a third person was hurt in a South Side crash. The operator of the car who caused the accident went to the hospital with minor injuries and the two police officers riding in the cruiser was also injured. They went to local hospitals as well. ABC 7 Chicago reported that none of the injuries sustained by the people involved were suspected to be life-threatening. Police investigators called in to examine the scene of the crash and evaluate the relative fault of the parties determined that the female driver should be cited for failing to yield to emergency vehicles.

Chicago police told ABC 7 Chicago that officers in a marked Police Department vehicle were headed to an emergency call for service when the accident happened. The officers said that the officer driving the vehicle activated the police car’s emergency blue lights and siren as the vehicle proceeded in a southerly direction down Lowe Avenue. As the police cruiser approached the intersection with 63rd Street, a 28-year-old female driving a silver Chevrolet sedan attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of the police car. The police SUV hit the rear of the sedan despite taking evasive action. 

Video taken of the scene by news reporters shows the police car after it came to rest on the sidewalk. Footage shows the front of the cruiser buried into a wrought iron fence at the boundary of an Aldi Food Store Parking lot. The Chevy came to rest along the side of the road. The video shows the rear of the car to be badly damaged. A tow truck removed the Chevy sedan from the area.

Officers cited the 28-year-old female driver for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. The investigators did not describe the nature of the emergency to which the officers were responding when they were involved in the crash. 


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