Two Vehicle Collision Kills One in Washington County, Illinois

WASHINGTON COUNTY, IL- writes that one person died in a crash in Washington County on Monday, January 14, 2019. The two-vehicle crash took place at the intersection of County Highway 13 and County Highway 6.*

The victim, 51-year-old Randall Koeller, of Marissa, IL, was driving east on County Highway 6 when he drove through the intersection with Count Highway 13 without stopping at the stop sign. The other vehicle, a Mack garbage truck, was driving south on County Highway 13. 52-year-old Willie Willis of Sparta, Illinois, was driving the truck.

The truck hit Koeller’s vehicle. The smaller vehicle was pushed into a field and then flipped over. Koeller was declared dead at the crash site. Willis sustained serious injuries in the crash and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Intersection accidents are common and account for a large number of motor vehicle crashes on US roadways. When drivers travel through stop signs and cause collisions,it is rarely because a driver just ran through the sign. In most cases, the driver slows or stops, but then proceeds when another vehicle has the right-of-way.

Intersection accidents at crossroads can be devastating because they often involve T-bone collisions in which one vehicle strikes another vehicle on its side. Vehicles donot have as much protection on their sides as they do ontheir fronts and rears. Vehicle occupants who are in the car that is struck on its side are in a vulnerable position.

One way to reduce the number of these deadly accidents is by changing intersection design. Roundabouts and other alternatives to crossroad-style intersections have been proven to be safer than traditional intersections.

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