Two Vehicles and a Large Truck Involved in Dan Ryan Crash

CHICAGO, IL- writes that three vehicles were involved in a serious collision on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Sunday at around 10:30 in the morning. Two passenger vehicles and a semi-truck collided resulting in injuries to two women.*

The accident occurred close to 59th Street. The victims were identified as a 71-year-old womanand a 44-year-old woman. Both of the victims were transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center where they were listed as being in critical condition.

The crash resulted in lane closures impacting the southbound traffic on Interstate 94. Police did not know the cause of the crash.

Collisions involving passenger vehicles and trucks are often severe, andin most cases, the people in the smaller vehicles suffer the most serious injuries or are killed in these accidents. Large trucks can weigh around 30 times as much as most passenger vehicles. The massive size of trucks puts smaller vehicles at a disadvantage. About66 percent of people killed in accidents involving large trucks are people who were traveling in passenger vehicles at the time. If only accidents involving trucks and smaller vehicles are analyzed, then a whopping 97 percent of the victims are people who were traveling in the smaller vehicle.

Large trucks come with some inherent risks. These vehicles are not easy to maneuver because of their size, weight, andheight. It is also difficult to stop these vehicles quickly. Trucks cannot swerve or brake fast enough in many emergency situations. Drivers should be extremely cautious when they are near trucks because of their truck’s limited capabilities and because trucks also create large blind spots.

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