Uber Passenger Safety

Recently, two women said they were attacked by an Uber driver holding an ice scraper in Chicago’s Streeterville neighborhood, reports ABC 7 Chicago. The driver was charged with two counts of battery and one count of criminal damage to property, according to ABC7. The women said they suffered bruising and tears in their clothes. Allegedly, the driver was upset because one of the women was checking out at a nearby grocery store, and the driver did not want to wait for her. The women said the driver got angry, threatened them, then left. Later, he came back, got out of his car, and started swinging the ice scraper. Fortunately, a witness who captured the incident on his cell phone intervened and broke up the altercation, reports ABC 7. Shortly after, the police arrested the driver. While Uber has become a popular form of transportation, this story reinforces that Uber is not without its safety risks. Here are some tips that can help you have a safer Uber ride.

Before entering the car, you should make sure that the driver is the person that you requested. The Uber app provides riders with the driver’s first name, photo, license plate number, a picture of the vehicle, and the driver’s rating, according to USA Today. This information is intended to prevent riders from getting in a car with a fake driver, reports USA Today. Additionally, drivers are supposed to address you by name to verify that they are your driver. Keep in mind that the app is the only way that you can request an Uber driver; you cannot manually hail an Uber driver like you can hail a taxi. Additionally, you should wait inside for your ride because the app includes a feature that notifies you when your driver has arrived. By doing this, you will not have to wait in a potentially unsafe area for your ride. Furthermore, the University of Southern California recommends using the “share your ETA” function, which allows you to invite friends to see your trip in real-time. The app will draft a text message you can share with your friends that includes your estimated time of arrival and a link to a live map that allows them to track your trip, according to USC. Or you should call a friend and stay on the line until your reach your destination. Finally, you should avoid riding alone.

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