Vehicle Drives into Laundromat in Evanston After Hit-and-Run Crash

EVANSTON, IL- The writes that a car drove into a laundromat at about 6:47 in the morning on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. The driver lost control of his vehicle and after being involved in a collision with a hit-and-run driver.*

The first crash took place when a driver in a black Nissan struck a white vehicle on Elmwood Avenue. The driver of the white vehicle, a 60-year-old woman, lost control of her vehicle and crashed it into the Clean Wash Laundry. The black Nissan fled the scene of the crash. The vehicle reportedly sustained severe damage to its front end.

The woman in the white vehicle was not hospitalized following the crash.

A structural engineer was called to the site of the laundromat to check whether the building was structurally sound.

The Evanston Police Department is requesting that anyone with information about the incident report to the department’s Traffic Unit.

Hit-and-run crashes have been on the rise in the United States. In some places, hit-and-run crashes have been referred to as an epidemic. Drivers who flee the scene of accidents often choose to do so because they are in violation of another law. For instance, many drivers who flee the scene of accidents are likely under the influence of alcohol or drugs or are driving without a valid license.

While penalties are high for fleeing the scene of a crash, especially if the crash involved injuries or deaths, many drivers who leave the scene are never caught or arrested. States and cities have made changes to their laws to increase penalties for hit-and-run drivers to try to deter this behavior.

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