Victim Identified in Fatal Collision on Route 6 Identified in Bureau County, Illinois

BUREAU COUNTY, IL- reports that the victim in the collision that took place on U.S. Route 6 on Friday was identified as Skylar Coffin, 23, of Princeton. The other driver, 49-year-old David L. Roggy sustained injuries in the crash.

The initial investigation indicates that Coffin was driving eastbound when she veered over the center line and collided head-on with Roggy’s westbound vehicle.

Coffinwas declared dead at the scene. Roggy was transported to the Perry Memorial Hospital.

Head-on collisions are some of the most serious car accidents on the road. When two vehicles traveling towards one another smash into each other, the force of the crash is multiple times higher than is the crash involved one vehicle hitting a stationary object. For example, if two vehicles are driving at one another at 40 miles per hour, and they hit each other head-on, the force is not doubled, it is quadrupled.

Across the United States, Vision Zero campaigns have been working to find ways to reduce the number of people killed in vehicle collisions. One study conducted in order to aid the Vision Zero efforts indicated that roadways that do not have barriers between traffic that istraveling in opposite directions are extremely dangerous. Roads designed this way should have lower speed limits because the study indicated that when two vehicles collide head-on, the chances of the vehicle occupants surviving drops significantly when the cars are going more than 43 miles per hour. Based on the study, avoiding a deadly head-on collision could be simply a matter of staying off of any roads that have speed limits greater than 40 miles per hour if the road does not have a median or barrier in place to block cars from veering into oncoming traffic.

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