Visitors to Chicago Who Suffered Injuries Have the Right to Pursue Damages

Many millions of visitors come to Chicago and other parts of Illinois to enjoy everything the Windy City, and other areas like Springfield, have to offer. It is inevitable that a visitor to the state will suffer an injury during his or her visit. Regrettably, the label of the visitor does not protect a person from suffering injuries in a cab accident or tripping and falling on the “L” or getting hit by a car while trying to cross a busy Chicago street. 

A resident of another state has the same rights to justice in Illinois as an Illinois resident would enjoy. The U.S. Constitution mandates that residents of one state be treated the same as residents of another state when bringing a legal claim. Despite the constitutional mandate, filing a case against the resident of another state can be daunting. Thus,  if you or a loved one sustained an injury or died in an Illinois accident as a resident of another state, you and your family need Illinois personal injury lawyers who understand the complexities of such a case. Your lawyer should explain all of the nuances that come with filing a lawsuit in Illinois while living in another jurisdiction in a manner that is easy to understand but also has experience successfully representing Illinois accident victims and their families who live outside of Illinois in personal injury cases.

A lawyer representing out-of-state accident victims must consider the appropriate jurisdiction, the correct choice of law, and which laws about insurance such as no-fault insurance apply. Most times Illinois will be the proper jurisdiction to file a claim because the accident happened in the state and the forum will be the county in which the defendant resides. Your lawyer might ascertain a strategic advantage to filing in another state or another forum. Local attorneys who know the legal landscape have a more significant advantage making this decision. Also, a local attorney who has represented thousands of personal injury victims will be very familiar with the insurance adjusters and know how business is done in Illinois, which is a tremendous advantage over a lawyer who does not practice locally in Chicago, Illinois. 


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