Walmart Falling Merchandise Injury Lawsuit Lawyers

Walmart likes to stack its merchandise high off of the floor. Walmart ceilings are generally very high and allow for easy stacking of merchandise. Stacked merchandise can be a disaster waiting to happen. Without rigorous training of its employees and adhering to strict safety standards, merchandise can fall on a shopper rather easily.

Falling merchandise can result in severe injuries. Shoppers are at risk from suffering an injury to their head such as a laceration, traumatic brain injury, concussion, or injury to their eyes. Heavy merchandise falling on an individual can inflict other severe injuries. Falling merchandise can knock a person to the fall and cause a crushing injury. A crushing injury may lead to broken bones in the hands, arms, legs, feet, or hips. Furthermore, the victim could suffer a spinal injury or another back injuryfrom trying to dodge the falling items, even if the items do not strike the victim.

Walmart and every other store in Illinoishas a duty to protect its customers. Under Illinois law, customers who visit a store are called invitees. Stores owe invitees the highest duty of care required of a premises owner. Stores like Walmart owe their customers the responsibility to protect them from known dangers as well as dangers that could injure them which would become known following a reasonableinspection. Therefore, Walmart owes a duty to protect its customers from falling merchandise caused by negligent stacking, shelving that is in disrepair, or the foreseeable actions of a third party, meaning another shopper.

If you sustained an injury from falling merchandise at Walmart, you have legal rights. You may be eligible to file a personal injury claim to seek compensation for your damages and other losses. If you do file a complaint against Walmart, be prepared to fight. Walmart does not settle cases easily and will try to blame you or another shopper for creating a hazardous situation that leads to your injury.

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