Walmart Parking Lot Injury Lawyers

Anyone who has ever driven to a Walmart knows how chaotic the store’s parking lot can be. Walmart is a trendy store, visited by numerous people across Illinois every day. That means the volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the parking areas in high. As such, accidents are inevitably going to happen. Walmart is not necessarily responsible for the damages caused by a collision when a careless driver backs out of a parking spot and into a passing vehicle or runs into a pedestrian walking in the lot on most occasions. However, there are instances in which Walmart would be responsible for damages that happened on its property even though the incident did not occur within the four walls of the store.

Walmart owes a duty to its customers to protect them from foreseeable harm that might befall them in the parking lot. Any accident or injury attributed to the poor design of the parking lot, insufficient lighting, accumulation of ice and snow, or failure of security could render Walmart liable to the victim for monetary damages.

Proving that Walmart is liable in these circumstances is not always easy. However, the overall condition of the parking lot is compelling evidence that the Walmart store at which you were injured does not maintain its premises properly with the safety of its customers in mind. Walmart parking lots are notorious for poorly designed travel lanes, missing light fixtures, dilapidatedsidewalks, potholes, and missing or damaged drainage equipment. Furthermore, signs in Walmart parking lots frequently go missing or are in a state of disrepair, which can lead to injury-causing accidents.

Lastly, Walmart owes its customers a duty to protect them from assaults and other criminal behavior. Therefore, Walmart must provide adequate lighting, and other security measures like roving patrols, and posted security guards to protect its customers from an invasion of the criminal element.

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