Walmart Personal Injury Lawyers

Walmart is one of the nation’s largest retailers. They have many stores across Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois. These stores service thousands of customers each day and rake in massive amounts of money in sales. With the sheer volume of people visiting Walmart stores in Illinois, it is virtually sure that a mishap will occur, and someone will suffer a serious personal injury through no fault of their own. The injured person will be within his or her rights to file a claim for damages against Walmart.

Walmart, like every other public business in Illinois, owes the duty of care to its customers to protect them, as licensees, from any harm of which an agent of the store knew about or should have known about. Even though Walmart is a massive company with enormous financial resources, it is not above the law. Walmart must pay a personal injury victim damages if it is determined that Walmart is responsible for causing the injury.

Walmart is notoriously not paying damages to people injured on its premises. Walmart does not have a traditional insurance policy or policies protecting it from financial loss due to accidental damages. Instead, Walmart self-insures. That means Walmart creates a fund into which money is deposited so that it can pay any judgments levied against it as a result of personal injury claims. Walmart hires dominant law firms that employ hundreds of lawyers that scrutinize each case thoroughly and exploit any weaknesses in the case. Then, Walmart’s lawyers will fight hard to prevent the personal injury victim from settling for large sums of money.

Walmart does not freely settle cases. In one respect, that is an intelligent business practice because it is detrimental to Walmart if people make false claims for injuries and Walmart settles them. Settling weak or possibly fraudulent claims encourages others to file fraudulent claims. This same practice hurts real victims. That is why you need to gather as much evidence as you can to show that Walmart was at fault and your injuries are real and caused by Walmart’s negligence.

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