Was It An Accident or Was it Murder in Englewood, Illinois

CHICAGO — The Southside neighborhood of Englewood is up in arms as investigators search for the killer of a 52-year-old grandmother who was run down while standing on a sidewalk in front of a convenience store. A 19-year-old young man is fighting for his life in a Chicago hospital after being struck while standing on the sidewalk as well. Witnesses say that the accident was no mistake. Police are now trying to capture the elusive suspect from the hit-and-run crash that happened on Thursday, October 18, 2018, around 11:15 a.m. according to the South Side Patch. Police continue to explore leads in an effort to identify the suspect.*

Witnesses to this horrific crash say this was no accident and surveillance video recovered from a building near the crime scene corroborates the eyewitness’ statements. Connie Magnum and Javonte Kirkland were standing on a sidewalk near a convenience store in the 5600-block of South Racine Avenue in Englewood Thursday morning. Surveillance video shows a silver Dodge or Chrysler mini-van driven by one person wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt outer garment crossed over into the wrong lane of traffic, hopped the curb, steered around a box truck, and rode down the sidewalk before plowing into the two people. The driver then sped away from the site of the carnage.

People who saw the collision say it was not an accident. The driver had to avoid too many obstacles and appeared to be in full control over the vehicle as the minivan plowed into the bodies of the two pedestrians and then fleeing the scene. Police suspect the damage to the car to be heavy on the driver’s side.

Officers from the Chicago Police Department’s Major Accident Investigation Unit are assigned the case. They implore anyone with information about the identity of the perpetrator or the location of the suspect vehicle to call them at 312-745-4521.

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