Chicago express way on sunny day

What Chicago Drivers Should Know About Summer Travel and Car Crashes

Who doesn’t love summer? The weather is great, school is out, and the opportunities are endless for road trips and outdoor adventures. It must be safe to drive right, since most Chicago car accidents probably happen at night on dark and snowy roads? Wrong. According to state data, most Chicago accidents occur in broad daylight when the weather is clear, and on streets where the speed limit is 35 mph.

Chicago drivers need to know the perils of summer travel and the increased chances of car crashes. If you’ve been involved in a summertime car accident, it’s beneficial to call an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you can.

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Bad traffic is the hallmark of any large city and Chicago is no exception. Tourists and local residents combine to clog the roads with an abundance of vehicles. More traffic increases the likelihood of collisions. Drivers need to be patient and ever-vigilant behind the wheel to best avoid getting involved in an accident. 

Lots of People on the Streets

Another crucial aspect of summer driving safety is the increased presence of pedestrians and cyclists on Chicago’s streets. With the city’s many parks, lakefront trails, and vibrant neighborhoods, foot and bicycle traffic increases dramatically during the warmer months. Drivers must remain attentive and be sure to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks, intersections, and designated bike lanes. In addition, when sharing the road with cyclists drivers need to maintain a safe distance when passing and to watch for cyclists when making turns or changing lanes.

Summer is Construction Season

Summer brings with it an uptick in construction projects throughout the city. Roadwork, lane closures, and detours can create bottlenecks and confusion for drivers, leading to frustration and impatience behind the wheel. To drive through construction zones safely, drivers should heed posted speed limits, follow directional signage, and merge early when approaching lane closures. Cautious and alert driving is essential to help prevent accidents and ensure smooth travel through construction-heavy areas.

Summer Weather is Unpredictable

Summer weather in Chicago can be unpredictable. It can turn from a scorching hot day into a sudden thunderstorm. Weather changes can pose hazards on the road, including reduced visibility, slippery surfaces, and hydroplaning. Drivers should regularly check weather forecasts before heading out on their trips and adjust their plans accordingly. Slowing down, increasing following distances, and using headlights during rain showers can help lessen the risk of accidents caused by bad weather.

Drivers Can be Proactive

Despite the summertime challenges, Chicago drivers can take proactive measures to minimize the risk of car crashes during the summer months. Regular vehicle maintenance, including tire checks, fluid inspections, and brake evaluations, is essential for optimal performance on the road. Additionally, avoiding distractions such as texting, talking on the phone, or adjusting the radio or navigation systems while driving can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Call a Car Accident Attorney with Questions

If you’ve been involved in a summertime car accident, contact an experienced Chicagoland area car accident attorney for a free case evaluation. The seasoned lawyers of Stein & Shulman, LLC will ably assess the facts of your case and advise you on how best to proceed.