What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Charge?

Personal injury law firms charge their clients a contingency fee – meaning they take a percentage of the settlement or verdict in your case. Most other types of cases, whether they are criminal lawyers or divorce lawyers, charge you on an hourly basis and the more hours they work on your case, the more money you are charged. Also, some criminal or divorce attorneys charges huge hourly fees while others charge significantly less. Personal injury lawyers are much different.

Stein & Shulman charge their clients a one-third attorney’s fee, and if we don’t recover any money for you, then you aren’t charged a dime. You pay no money up front, and you never receive a bill from our firm throughout the lifetime of the case. We simply get one-third of the amount recovered for you and clearly we are in it together, meaning the more money we get for you, the more money our firm makes. If the total settlement in your case is $100,000, then our law firm would receive a $33,333.33 fee.

Also, our law firm fronts all the costs on your file, so you do not have to pay for any of the expenses related to your suit. If an expert needs to be hired or we need an investigator to take pictures of the accident scene, or we need a medical expert to offer opinions regarding your injury, our law firm will not ask the clients to front any of those costs. Some firms may charge you more than one-third, but the majority of the law firms in Chicago will charge you a one-third fee.

If you slipped and fell or were injured in a car accident, you have a mountain of concerns that are money related. How will I pay for these medical bills and will my health insurance cover these charges? How will I recover money for the wages I lost from missing work? These questions and concerns have a huge impact on you financially. The last thing you need to deal with is how you are going to pay money to a law firm to represent you in the face of all these other costs. Well, that is NOT something you need to worry about with the personal injury lawyers at Stein & Shulman. There are no up-front charges or expenses to speak with us or for our representation.

Never hesitate to call our law firm. Our attorneys are standing by to answer all of your questions FREE of charge. There’s no cost to speaking with us and receiving the advice and guidance you need – especially at the very beginning of your case when the time to act fast is most important. Call us before the medical bills become too high, and you can’t get in to see the medical specialists you need to see. Call us right away so we can immediately investigate the cause of your accident and speak directly with the insurance companies to make sure your rights are protected.

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