What Happens if a Car Recall is the Cause of an Illinois Accident?

Illinois Car Recall Accident Lawsuit Lawyers

If you own a motor vehicle, you have probably been notified about a recall at some point. Some recalls are relatively minor. For example, perhaps a latch on the glove box simply needs replacing. Others are more serious. In recent years, airbag companies have issued recalls, for example. What if a recalled car part is the cause of your accident?

One major problem with recalls is that many motor vehicle owners tend to ignore them. After all, if you hear about dozens of recalls on the news, they lose their shock value. However, once motor vehicle owners receive notice of a recall, they should take their vehicle in for repair as soon as possible to avoid any issues.

If a motor vehicle was aware that a car needed a defective part but failed to take the car in for service, the owner could be liable for damages if the defective part causes an accident. Failing to repair a defective part is a type of negligence.

In all motor vehicle accident claims, it must be shown that the at-fault driver was negligent. Negligence includes violating traffic laws and failing to operate a motor vehicle in a reasonable manner. Certainly, failing to have a motor vehicle repaired is also a type of negligence.

What if the driver had no notice of the defect? If a defective motor vehicle caused an accident, a products liability claim may be possible. In a products liability claim, a victim claims that the defective nature of the product caused injuries. Whereas a recall in a motor vehicle may be used as evidence that a car is defective, it does not immediately force a motor vehicle company to accept liability for an accident.

However, if the car manufacturer knew that there was a problem with some car models and failed to issue a recall, the manufacturer may have a harder time avoiding liability. In some cases, investigations have shown that car manufacturers have deliberately failed to issue recalls and have even continued manufacturing motor vehicles with defective parts. The result was a billion-dollar settlement.

If you have been involved in an accident, it is a good idea to check to see if a defective part could be at least partially responsible for the crash. At the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website, you may enter your vehicle identification number to check for recalls. Many car manufacturers also post information about recalls at their websites.

A recall can complicate a motor vehicle accident claim. However, experienced personal injury attorneys know how to address these matters to ensure accident victims obtain the maximum compensation available under the law.

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