child at friend's pool

What Happens If My Child Is Injured at a Friend’s Pool?

Swimming pool accidents can cause serious injuries for a child. In addition to drowning accidents, a child can sustain broken bones, fractures, lacerations, head injuries, infections, electrocution, and burns. It is important to seek immediate medical attention if your child is injured at a friend’s pool. However, it is also important to talk with Chicago swimming pool negligence attorneys who can explain your child’s legal rights after a pool accident.

What Causes Pool Accidents?

Swimming pools pose several dangers for children. Children can drown if they are not appropriately supervised. They can slip and fall on wet surfaces, including the deck or while climbing ladders. Diving or falling into the pool can also cause severe injuries. 

The chemicals used to clean pools can also cause injuries. If the chemicals are too strong or used incorrectly, a child could sustain severe burns. On the other hand, pools that are not cleaned could have mold or other hazards that cause infections. 

Electrocutions are possible if pool equipment is damaged or improperly maintained. Drains and pumps can be hazardous for a child if the child’s clothing or extremities enter the pump or drain.

Pool Owners Have a Duty of Care to Protect Guests

Pool owners owe a duty of care to those who use their pools. The owner must use reasonable care to avoid dangers and hazards that could cause an injury. For example, pool owners need to maintain the pool and have safety equipment available. They should also maintain the pool and all components properly. Warning sides should be posted around the pool area. Pools should have depth markers inside and outside of the pool.

Owners should have fences around pools and gates that lock to prevent children from accidentally entering the pool area without supervision. A property owner could be liable for injuries to a child even if the child enters the area without the owner’s knowledge. 

If a child sustains injuries at your friend’s pool and your friend was negligent, your friend could be liable for damages. If another party caused your child’s injury and your friend took all reasonable steps to provide a safe environment, the other party might be liable for your child’s damages. 

A premises liability lawyer can analyze the accident circumstances to determine who is responsible for your child’s injury.

What Should You Do if Your Child Is Injured at a Friend’s Pool?

Call 911 for emergency medical assistance, if necessary. Otherwise, take your child to the emergency room or the doctor for treatment. Try to learn as much about the accident as possible if you did not witness the incident. If your child was at a pool party, ask for a list of all parents and adults who were at the party when the accident occurred.

As soon as possible, contact an Illinois personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you determine what occurred and if the property owner is liable for damages under premises liability laws. Statutes of limitations limit your time to take legal action on behalf of your child. Do not delay. Contact an attorney today to protect your child’s best interests. Contact us today.