What is the Value of a Broken Hip in an Illinois Injury Claim?

Fracturing any bone is an extremely painful experience. However, some broken bone injuries are very difficult to live with. A fractured hip fits that category. Moving after suffering a broken hip becomes exceedingly difficult and painful. The hip takes a long time to heal because it is hard to immobilize and stabilize. Thus, everyday activities such as sleeping, sitting, standing, and caring for oneself become extremely difficult to handle. 

Many accident victims who sustained a broken hip in a car accident, slip and fall, or any other means caused by another’s negligence often need hip replacement surgery to repair. Hip replacement surgery is a complicated surgical procedure. Convalescence from a hip fracture or a hip replacement is long, and the rehabilitation is hard and grueling. Pain and suffering are one of the critical factors in determining the amount of compensation a hip fracture accident victim might receive.

Older populations are prone to falling and breaking their hips. There appears to be a high correlation between a broken hip and mortality in older people. The connection is not clear. The mortality rate after a fractured hip might be high because the individual’s bones are frail, coupled with the fact that hospitalization and rehabilitation are exceedingly painful and difficult. 

Maximizing the value of your broken hip injury claim depends on various facts. While there is no one formula to rely on to arrive at the anticipated settlement amount, victims of broken hips command a substantial settlement because of the pain they must endure, the quality of life they have after sustaining the broken hip injury, and how the injury happened. Settlement negotiations must take into account the medical damages accrued from the fall and the economic loss to the victim in addition to the pain and suffering a person endures after breaking one or both of their hips in an Illinois accident. 


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