What to do if a Tire Blows Out to Avoid an Accident

What to do if a Tire Blows Out to Avoid an Accident

Driving a car is normally an enjoyable experience. However, there are a number of experiences which can detract from the pleasure of driving. One such experience is getting a flat tire. The minute you hear the sound of the tire popping, you know you will have to pull over and change the tire yourself or call someone to change the tire for you. Like many other experiences associated with driving, caution is important. Here are some safety tips for the next time you experience a flat tire.

When the tire first blows out, make sure to firmly grip your steeling wheel, recommends Travelers Insurance. Also, do not slam on the brakes. Instead, let your car slow down gradually.

After you have slowed to a safe speed, pull the car to the side of the road and turn on the car’s emergency flashers. Geico Insurance suggests pulling as far off the road as possible on the flattest and firmest ground that you can find. Once you are able to pull over safely, make sure that all passengers exit the vehicle and stand as far away from traffic as possible. Make sure that any other passengers and you exit the car through the passenger-side door. Set the car in park and use the emergency brake, recommends Geico. If your car has a manual transmission, leave the car in first gear or reverse, suggests the insurance company. If you cannot find a firm surface, do not try to jack up your vehicle. If you cannot pull over to the shoulder of the road, and you find yourself in an emergency lane or in the center lane, make sure to call for help. If you need help from the police, raise the hood of your car or tie a white cloth to the radio antenna or door handle or hang the cloth out the top of the door, recommends Consumer Reports.

Spare tires are only recommended for emergencies. Do not drive for long distances or at high speeds using a spare tire, recommends Travelers Insurance. Also, read the owner’s manual for your car so you know the location of your spare tire and the tools used for changing it.

Be careful when you accept a stranger’s offer to change your tire. If you are suspicious of the person who approaches you about changing your tire, lower the window only enough to communicate with the stranger.

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