When is the Proper Time to Engage an Illinois Accident Attorney?

You should contact an Illinois car accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Doing so will help you understand your rights, your legal obligations, and help you avoid common pitfalls unrepresented claimants encounter. If you take the wrong action in the aftermath of an accident, say the wrong thing, or try to handle matters without involving an attorney, then you are asking for trouble. 

There is a frequent objection to the advice that you should consult a lawyer immediately. Money is an issue. You could be out of work after your accident. Worse yet, you might be stuck in a hospital bed or recuperating in a rehabilitation facility after an accident. The last thing you are considering is paying for a lawyer’s consultation. Not every lawyer offers free consultations, but our firm does. Talk with a lawyer who will give you the time to explain your situation without having to pay for it. You can use that free meeting to understand more about your rights, how a strong case is assembled, and how you might be able to protect your family in this tumultuous and uncertain time.

Human nature dictates that we endeavor to learn about the end, while we are still at the beginning. Consequently, most people want to know how much they are going to win with a settlement, and when will the settlement day arrive. If you are healed and only have medical bills that amount up to $1,000.00, then you might not get anything because PIP or other insurance will cover your losses. However, if you have several thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, other expenses, along with long-lasting injuries, your claim could be worth a whole lot more. 

There is one key factor in calculating damages that people seem to forget. Insurance companies love to blame the victim for their losses. Insurance companies will try to work through your losses and say that they are from a pre-existing injury or that you were the reason the accident happened in the first instance. A lawyer who knows how to handle difficult claims adjusters will fight for you and hope you realize the largest settlement sum possible.


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