Who Pays in an Illinois Car Accident?

Auto accidents are traumatic events. The scene unfolds in your mind over and over again in the nights and days that follow the accident even if you escape the crash unscathed. The emotional and psychological trauma one suffers increases dramatically if the accident victim was hurt as well. 

Physically recovering from a car accident can be a long road. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might need months, and maybe even years of doctors’ appointments, physical therapy, chiropractor appointments, surgery, and then more physical therapy. Your doctors might prescribe pain medications to you, which could become addicting over time. Your physician could prescribe a series of pain injections like cortisone shots to help you deal with the lingering damage you suffered all because someone failed to drive safely.

Not only do the medical bills accumulate up quickly, but you might also be out of work for some period. Your employer might be generous and give you sick leave or allow you to use vacation time so you can keep some money coming in while you convalesce from your injuries. Not every person is so lucky to have a job with benefits like that. Construction workers, waiters and waitresses, self-employed people, hairdressers, and people from different professions might not get a paycheck if he or she does not work. The financial strain on your life might be insurmountable, which adds to your emotional and psychological stress.

Stress, anxiety, depression, frustration, grief, anger, are universal emotions Illinois accident victims might experience. Frustration might grow because of slow healing, your spouse might be frustrated because all of the household work falls upon him or her, you might lose your romantic spark, you might not be able to play with your kids, or your children might not see you happy anymore. 

Who pays for this total upheaval of your life? The insurance company of the motorist who caused the crash is the first place to start. An experienced, knowledgeable, and savvy Illinois auto wreck lawyer can help you locate other responsible parties to the accident and force them to contribute to paying for your damages so that you obtain the settlement justified by your pain and suffering.


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