Wintery Weather Results in U.S. 31 Accident With Injuries

December 12, 2017 (

KOKOMO – Weather conditions turned for the worse this past Saturday resulting in a serious Semi Truck Accident and many traffic accidents being reported. One tragic accident occurred on U.S. 31 in which a tractor trailer truck slid and pushed an automobile crashing through 4 traffic lanes.

The accident ws reported to have occurred at approximately 4:40 p.m. Saturday afternoon. The driver of the semi truck was rushed to the hospital and according to police investigating the scene, the accident caused over $25,000 in property damage. This was reported by the  Kokomo Police Department accident report and as reported by

The accident report also stated the the truck was moving northbound along U.S. 31, at or close to the mile 159 marker. The driver (name withheld) said that she began to lose control of the 18-wheeler due to the strong winds and the icy road conditions.

The other driver affected by the accident was along side the tractor trailer truck when his vehicle was hit by the trailer end of the truck and then his vehicle was pushed down and across the median into the oncoming southbound lanes.The accident report finds that the 18-wheeler truck had jackknifed prior to sliding in to the median.

A second accident resulted as police were working the scene of the first accidents. A police officer at the scene of the first accident was sitting inside his cruiser the he was struck by another vehicle that lost control o the icy roadway. The officer sustained injuries and was taken by ambulance to Community Howard Regional Health for medical treatment.

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