Woman Died in Violent Overnight Crash in Vigo County, Illinois

VIGO COUNTY, Ill. — Sheriff’s deputies from Vigo County are investigating a fatal car accident that happened on U.S. 150 in Vigo County, Illinois. The deadly car accident happenedat about 2:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 6, 2018,as reported by mywabashvalley.com.  Law enforcement officers did not identify the female decedent by name initiallyto media outlets pending notification of the woman’s next of kin. Instead, they would only identify her as a 28-year-old woman from Paris, Illinois.

Sheriff’s Deputies from Vigo County, along with fire and rescue personnel from New Goshento the single-caraccident on U.S. 150 in Libertyville. Upon arrival, the first responders found a car that had rolled over and caught fire. The responding deputies stated that the woman most likely died from blunt force trauma injuries rather than thermalinjuriesfrom the resulting fire. However, officers did indicate that they were seeking to confirm the woman’s identity. Law enforcement officers did not say if the woman was ejected, either entirelyor partially from the vehicle when it rolled. Furthermore, the first responders stated that the condition of the car and the fire rendered determining if the woman wore a seatbelt impossible.

Law enforcement investigators had sufficient evidence from the scene to determine a preliminary cause of the fatal wreck. The evidence suggests that the decedent drove northerlyon U.S. 150 and lost control over the car. The car went off of the road when she first lost control. Upon returning to the road surface, it appears that the driver overcorrected. Upon overcorrecting, the officers believe, she struck an embankment along the side of the road. Colliding with the embankment flipped the car over when the car came back to the road. At that time, the vehicle ignited. A photograph taken at the accident scene shows thewhite sedan on its roof, with all four tires burned off. The entire car appears to have burned completely.

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