How long to settle a car accident lawsuit case in Illinois.

Englewood, IL- The reports that a woman died in a car accident in Englewood, Chicago on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. The victim was driving on the 5700 blockof South State Street when she struck a pole a little after 8:30 in the evening.*

The 40-year-old woman was driving a black Lexus. She was transported to the University of Chicago Medical Center where she was declared dead. Police have not yet determined the cause of the crash.

Fixed object collisions are accidents in which a vehicle drives off the roadway and strikes some type of object. Many traffic deaths, about 20 percent of all fatalities are the result of this type of collision. Objectssuch as utility poles arefrequently struck by cars, although the most commonly hit object is a tree.

Drivers who strike objects often do so because they were traveling at too high of a speed, not paying attention to the road, falling asleep, or because there was low visibility at the location of the crash. Another major cause of these crashes is driving under the influence of alcohol. While 23 percent of drivers in other types of fatal collisions had blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) that indicated that they were under the influence, 39 percent of drivers in fixed object crashes had BACs greater than .06 percent, which is the legal limit.

While drivers can choose to avoid the risky behaviors that cause most of these crashes, efforts made to alter driver behaviors have been fairly unsuccessful. In order to make the roads safer, it is important to limit the number of fixed objects near roadways. If the object must be near the road, it should be visible and perhaps blocked by a breakaway.

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