Woman Killed in Whiteside County Head-On Collision in Fulton, Illinois on Route 84

FULTON, IL- Kwqc.com writes that a woman from Clinton Iowa died in a car accident in Fulton on Route 84 on Friday, December 7, 2018, at about 9:01 p.m.*

The victim was identified as Judith K. Pray, 73. Pray was driving south and veered across the centerline and into the southbound lanes. Pray’s vehicle struck a Ford pickup truck head-on and then her vehicle was hit by a second northbound vehicle.

Pray was declared dead at the scene of the crash.The driver of the pickup truck, Ronald J. Ferris, 65, of Savannah, Illinois and the driver of the second vehicle that hit Pray’s car, Manuel Beltran, 21, of Savannah, were both injured in the crash. The injured drivers were transported to the Mercy Medical Center for treatment.

Police are still carrying out the investigation.

Head-on collisions often happen in the blink of an eye. Many roadways are not divided along the center line. The result is that a driver can easily veer into oncoming traffic and cause a deadly crash. A driver who looks at their phone, the radio, or is paying attention to other people in the vehicle can easily lose focus long enough to cause this type of crash. In fact, these collisions often occur on days that are clear because drivers are more likely to let their guard down. For drivers who remain alert, there can be too little time to avoid an oncoming vehicle that crosses into their lane.

When vehicles are traveling above 43 miles per hour, the chances of surviving a collision are fairly low indicating that head-on collisions are deadly even when they happen at modest speeds.

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