Woman Riding Divvy Bike Plowed Down by Hit-and-Run Driver

CHICAGO, Ill. — A woman riding a rented Divvy bicycle sustained critical injuries after an unknown motorist hit her from behind in Humboldt Park. Chicago police investigators assigned to the department’s Major Accident Unit located surveillance video depicting the crash and released it to the media. An edited version of the crash appeared on the ABC 7 Chicago website. Police believe that the suspect vehicle is a two-door Honda. Police think the model might be a Civic but are not positive. The accident happened around 11:00 p.m. on a Sunday night. This is the second accident in a month involving a Divvy rental bicycle in Chicago according to an article appearing on the Chicago Streetsblog’s website.

Chicago police and emergency services responded to the 2600-block of West Chicago Avenue around 11:00 ep.m. for a report of a woman down in the street. Upon arrival, officers found a 25-year-old woman who was critically injured after a fleeing motor vehicle struck her. According to the initial accident reconstruction analysis, the female Divvy rider was traveling west on West Chicago Avenue as was the suspect car. The suspect’s vehicle climbed the curb and went onto the sidewalk, then struck at least one tree before continuing westerly on West Chicago Avenue.

The surveillance video obtained by investigators shows the bicycle rider appropriately riding close to the sidewalk with a white flashing light attached to the front of the bicycle when the suspect’s vehicle comes speeding up from behind her. The suspect’s car seems to swerve into her instead of safely passing her. Police say that the suspect’s car has right fender damage, hood, and possibly roof damage as well. 

Rescuers brought the severely injured woman Stroger Hospital. However, police did not provide the media with an update on the woman’s condition. Officers request the public’s assistance in solving this mystery.


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