Woman Trapped Under Car, Hurt in Crash in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Woman Trapped Under Car, Hurt in Crash

GLEN ELLYN, IL— April 24, 2018 (Glen Ellyn Patch) According to an article on Patch.com, a sixty-one-year-old woman was injured in an accident that trapped her underneath her car. The early afternoon accident happened in the parking lot of an Aldi supermarket. The woman was standing outside of her car when her car got hit by another driver.

While the woman who got hurt in the Aldi parking lot yesterday was standing right next to her car, it’s worth noting that many other types of accidents happen in parking lots. Vehicles hit other cars in the parking lot, just like in the crash that injured the woman mentioned above, and they sometimes hit pedestrians, too. Parking lots have large numbers of cars, as well as lots of pedestrians, which makes them a very likely place for pedestrian accidents to happen.

All across America, the number of pedestrian accidents is on the rise. One reason that there are more pedestrian accidents now than there were in years past is that drivers are becoming increasingly distracted, on the roads and in other places, like parking lots. Distracted driving is not the only cause of pedestrian accidents, but the rise in distracted driving behavior correlates with the increase in the number of pedestrian accidents and is likely at least part of the reason for the increase.

Any time a vehicle hits a pedestrian, serious injury or death is likely. The driver of the vehicle is often at fault in pedestrian accidents, but sometimes, pedestrians are at fault if their behavior played a major role in causing the collision. For example, pedestrians sometimes use cell phones while they are walking, and may inadvertently step out into traffic while they are distracted.