A Guide to Determining Liability for Car Accident Compensation in Illinois

Car Accident Injury Compensation Lawyer in Chicago, Illinois

Determining Liability for Car Accident Compensation in Illinois

Even minor car accidents in Chicago can cause a great deal of damage and lead to expenses, both because of property damage as well as because of injuries to people. If a person is injured in a car accident, financially or medically, the law is meant to protect that person from having to bearthe costs if another person was responsible for causing the accident. It is not always easy to get thecompensation that you are entitled to.

In Illinois, drivers who are at fault for a car crash become responsible for the resulting costs. Of course, many car crashes are complicated matters that were the result of several people’s mistakes. In these instances, liability is divided among the responsible parties. Each person is allocated a percentage of the fault and a matching percentage of the financial costs.

Subrogation in Auto Accident Cases

In some instances, a person will be able to collect from their own policy, even if another driver was responsible for the accident. In these cases, the injured party’s insurance company might collect from the responsible party’s insurance company is a practice called subrogation. Sometimes an insurer will fight back against paying the costs, especially if those costs are particularly high. Attorneys can help an injured person carry out negotiations with the insurance company to ensure that the victim receives all the compensation that they are entitled to.

Insurance will often fail to recover all the losses in an accident. It is possible to file a civil lawsuit against the responsible party to collect the additional costs affiliated with the accident.  If a driver causes a crash and does not have insurance, one choice is to file a lawsuit against them for the entire sum. In Illinois, all drivers must carry car insurance that includes coverage for uninsured motorists to help in this scenario.

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