What Does A Car Accident Lawyer Do?

The car accident lawyers at the preeminent Chicago personal injury law firm Stein & Shulman, LLC get asked that question all of the time. People are curious to learn how car accident claims work. Many people understand how a criminal case proceeds through the court system and the same might be true for a family law case as well. However, a car accident claim is a legal action that is entirely different from a criminal proceeding or a family law case.

Can An Attorney Get Me More Money For My Accident Settlement?

Stein & Shulman’s Chicago car accident lawyers’ primary function is to seek justice for their clients who were injured in car accidents through no fault of their own. A victim of a car crash may be suffering through the most trying time of their life when they first seek representation. Their emotions tend to be high, which is perfectly understandable. Their lives were just turned upside down by a careless or reckless driver who caused them to suffer injuries and endure tremendous physical and emotional pain. Furthermore, the car accident victim has missed work as a result of their injuries. They are facing financial distress, if not financial ruin because of the crash that injured them. The scenario can be worse. The person seeking representation could be a spouse, child, or other family member seeking representation for a car crash in which their relative died. Their lives are in shambles, and they turn to car accident lawyers to help them hold those responsible for the carelessness that killed their loved one accountable for their actions.

More Than Just A Full Settlement For Your Injuries, Financial Losses And Property Damage

Car accident lawyers are advocates for their clients, but not exclusively. Car crash lawyers act as grief counselors, mental health specialists, and financial counselors as well. A lawyer cannot replace the professionals who perform those functions, but a car accident attorney must learn how to assist their clients in coping with their loss, helping their clients get back on their feet, and getting back on track financially. In short, a car accident attorney must be compassionate and treat their clients with dignity and respect.

Negotiating With Strength, Experience To Get You More Money For Your Settlement

What is unique about car accident cases is that there is a period of negotiation and settlement discussions that take place before a lawsuit is ever filed in court. Preparation is the key to successful negotiations. Car collision injury lawyers try to prepare their clients’ cases as thoroughly as possible well before they are filed in court. The preparation helps the lawyer assess the strength and weaknesses of their client’s case before filing a law suit. Knowing the strong points and the weaknesses are an asset in negotiations. A savvy and experienced car accident lawyer will know how to use the weaknesses to their client’s advantage and reach a just agreement to resolve the claim.

If settlement negotiations cannot resolve the case, then it is appropriate to file a law suit. Additionally, filing a law suit is necessary to protect against completely losing the claim if the 2-year statute of limitations has run. The parties may continue to negotiate, but sometimes the only method of obtaining a just result is to take the matter to trial and allow a jury to decide the case.

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You Deserve Compensation For Your Sick Time, Vacation Time, And Lost Wages

The Chicago auto accident lawyers at Stein & Shulman, LLC have over 45 years of experience fighting for the rights of their clients who were injured through no fault of their own. We are ready to fight for you and to win you the compensation you deserve for all of your losses from a car crash, including used sick time, vacation time, and lost wages.

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