Burnside Crash Injures Five, Including Four Children

CHICAGO, Ill. — First responders flocked to Chicago’s Burnside neighborhood upon receiving a report of a severe auto accident. According to NBC 5 Chicago, the auto collision happened on a bright Sunday early evening around 6:00. At least five people went to hospitals in the area for emergency medical treatment, four of whom were children. The preliminary investigation into the accident revealed that four vehicles were involved in the crash. Chicago police took one driver out of those four into their custody at the accident scene. NBC 5 Chicago did not say if the police took the driver into custody because of actions related to the Sunday afternoon wreck or for another reason. The investigation into the four-car accident is still underway. Chicago Police accident investigators did not specify a date on which they expect to conclude their inquiry.

Officials with the Chicago Fire Department told NBC 5 Chicago that they responded to the intersection of 91stStreet and Cottage Grove for a report of a bad accident. The initial reports say that a GMC truck traveled southerly on Cottage Grove and two Dodge vehicles traveled ahead of the GMC truck in the same direction on Cottage Grove. The GMC truck plowed into a Dodge Caravan and then a Dodge Journey while approaching from the rear. The Caravan crashed into a Nissan Pathfinder.   

The collision sent the 25-year-old female driver of one of the cars to the University of Chicago Medical Center. The most current information available indicated she was in stable condition. The four children hurt in the crash also went to Comer Children’s Hospital. The most recent information from Comer Children’s Hospital is that all children hurt in the crash, a 9-year-old girl, a 5-year-old boy, and twin 2-year-old boys were stabilized. 

The police took the driver of the GMC into their custody on unspecified charges.


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