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Car Accident Lawyer in Roscoe, Illinois

Rockford Woman  Dies in Single-Car Accident

Roscoe, Illinois– May 14, 2018 ( According to a report from, one woman died when her vehicle went off of the road and hit a tree. The fatal crash happened on the northbound side of Illinois 2. It was about five in the afternoon when the wreck occurred. The female accident victim was transported from the crash scene by helicopter, and she was pronounced dead at the hospital. Local officials are currently investigating the accident.

There have been three hundred and eighteen fatal motor vehicle wrecks on Illinois roads to date this year. While many of these crashes claimed one life each, a total of three hundred and forty-eight people have died in automobile accidents this year. Interestingly enough, as of this same time last year, an equal amount of people had been killed in automobile accidents as have died this year to date.

Single-vehicle crashes are often fatal. Unfortunately, they are also the most challenging type of accident to investigate because one of the people who would have had the most information about the crash is deceased. Families of the victims of single-vehicle accidents must often wait a long time for the answers that their hurting hearts want to know.

Investigators do whatever they can to collect and analyze physical information from the crash scene and gather accounts of the wreck from any witnesses who saw the wreck. Sometimes, investigators are eventually able to piece together all of the information that they collect into a reasonably complete explanation for what happened. When it is possible to generate a definitive account of a single-vehicle crash, that information can bring long-awaited peace and closure to the friends and family who have been waiting to learn about the circumstances under which their loved ones died.

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