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As DuPage County auto accident injury attorneys, we take great pride in representing folks from the Chicago-land area, including DuPage County. We live and work in the area and strive to serve the fine people who reside in DuPage County. We are very familiar with the people, the area, and importantly, the courts. That gives us a home field advantage, especially against out-of-town insurance defense attorneys. Since we know the people who live and work in DuPage County, we know that hard work, loyalty, and perseverance matter. Those are the qualities we exhibit in our daily law practice.

So, if you or a loved one suffered personal injuries be in an auto accident, truck collision, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, or another incident in DuPage County, we are the person injury law firm in Illinois you can count on to get results.

DuPage County sits about 30 miles due west of Chicago. As most locals know, there are a couple of interstate highways that lead from Chicago to the DuPage County. The county seat is Wheaton, and that is where the 18th Judicial Circuit Court of Illinois hears cases. The courthouse is located at 505 N. County Farm Road in Wheaton.  We file cases in DuPage County Court when one of our clients resides within that judicial district.  We are even familiar with the Court’s new e-filing system. We have a tremendous amount of experience appearing before the judges in DuPage County. Our experience guides us to know which judges may be the best for our particular case and client. Knowing the judges also helps us advise our clients on whether we should seek a jury trial or ask for a bench trial.

We Can Help You If You Need A Personal Injury Attorney In Dupage County:

  • We have filed and won numerous cases in the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Our clients have enjoyed great success over the years in DuPage County because we know the people who reside in the county. The jurors who hear our cases are from the county.
  • Since DuPage County is relatively small in population, the juries that hear our client’s cases are comprised of a jury of our clients’ peers.
  • We relate to DuPage County jurors and understand how to present a case to a DuPage County jury, so they are persuaded to award just compensation for our clients’ injuries.
  • When you consider hiring an attorney to represent you in DuPage County for injuries you suffered through no fault of your own, you should consider the expertise of the law firm and their familiarity with the legal culture of the area in which you reside. You do not want an outsider handling your case.
  • You need to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal community, the courts, the judges, as well as the police and others who may be witnesses in your case.

We are not limited to the cases we handle in DuPage County. We are ready, willing, and able to handle your car accident case, catastrophic injury case, pre-existing injury case, and slip and fall cases. The 18th Judicial Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction. That means we can file small claims cases there as well as cases seeking millions in damages. One of the advantages of knowing the court is having access to the court’s arbitration panel. Access to the panel is limited to cases valued between $10,000 and $50,000. The DuPage County Court’s arbitration panel is a cost-effective and efficient forum to resolve cases that do not need to be heard by judge and jury.

We Pride Ourselves On Helping Our Neighbors And Friends In Dupage County

The DuPage County personal injury attorneys of Stein & Shulman, LLC are dedicated, successful, and committed attorneys who devote their practice to winning compensation for their clients who suffered injuries in car accidents. Learn how you can protect your rights by making an appointment today by calling 312.422.0500 for your free consultation. There is no fee unless they are successful on your behalf.

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