Dog Bite Scarring Lawsuits in Illinois

Damage Awards for Scars from Dog Bites in Illinois

Dog and animal bites can leave vicious looking bites marks. Often, those fierce-looking bite marks, holes, and tears will turn into severe scarring if left untreated. Not only does a dog bite victim face the specter of infection from dog bites and animal attacks, but dog bite victims must also seek immediate medical assistance after a dog bite so that physicians, and plastic surgeons if necessary, can evaluate your injury. Some dog bite victims will recover with bandaging and a course of antibiotics. Other dog bite victims, unfortunately, will require more extensive wound care to minimize the chance of permanent damage.

Any mark that disfigures the skin can affect the way a person perceives himself or herself. It is essential for a dog bite victim’s self-esteem and self-perception to repair wounds that might lead to scars. A plastic surgeon can evaluate the injury, measure its depth, length, and determine how to fix the damage with minimal to no visible scarring.

Scars on the face are the most devastating dog bite wound. Even if the wounds heal, a scar is a constant reminder of the attack. Having a constant reminder of the dog bite can lead to psychological trauma, depression, anxiety, lower self-esteem, and possible post-traumatic stress disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder can profoundly affect the dog bite victim’s life and the life of his or her family, leading to divorce, job loss, abandonment of parental duties, and even suicide in the worst-case scenario. Consequently, having corrective surgery to repair the dog bite wound and reduce or minimize the potential scarring can help a dog bite victim return to his or her life before 

Facial injuries are not the only concern for a dog bite victim. Scar tissue can emerge on bite wounds from bites on the arms, legs, hands, and fingers. Tearing injuries on these body parts can create jagged wounds that might require skin graft surgery or other plastic surgery to repair.


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