Driver Who Went Wrong Way on I-55 Had Long Driving History

CHICAGO, Ill. — The 33-year-old motorist who drove the wrong way on Interstate 55 had several run-ins with the law. CBS Chicago reported that the 33-year-old driver has six incidents in the past eight years either driving without a license or driving while license suspended. The 33-year-old driver plowed into a taxi and killed the 57-year-old taxi driver and critically injured his two passengers. State Police are still investigating the fatal wreck and hope to learn why the 33-year-old driver with a checkered driving history was driving north in the middle lane of the southbound side of Stevenson Expressway.

Friends of the deceased taxi driver wondered to the media how a person with a horrible driving history could be allowed on the road. CBS Chicago said that between 2008 and 2016, an eight-year span, the 33-year-old motorist received citations for driving without a valid license or driving while his license was suspended. A court convicted the man four times for these violations. However, CBS Chicago reported that the Secretary of State for Illinois said that the driver had a restored license at the time of the crash after paying a reinstatement fee and completing all of his legal obligations in 2016. 

Illinois State Police and DuPage County Sheriff’s deputies are still trying to answer why the 33-year-old driver of a red Nissan entered I-55 at the Pulaski on-ramp.  The DuPage County Coroner’s office is involved in the investigation as well. 

In addition to the taxi driver who died in the head-on crash, the cab’s two fares, both 19, were critically injured according to CBS Chicago.  Medics transported both to Mount Sinai hospital. One of the two injured teens required immediate surgery upon arrival at the hospital. Mount Sinai released one of the injured passengers and listed the other in good condition a couple of days after the crash. 


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