Eight-Vehicle Crash Injures Four People in Bridgeview, Illinois

July 11, 2018– Bridgeview, Illinois (patch.com) Patch.com reports that four people got hurt in an eight-vehicle accident on the Tri-State Tollway. An Illinois State Police Trooper and three other people were treated for injuries related to the crash. Traffic in the area around the crash site remained heavy for much of the day, as it took workers several hours to clear all of the wrecked vehicles from the roadway. It is unclear what caused the accident, or how eight cars became ensnared in the wreckage, but authorities continue to investigate the accident in search of answers to those questions.

When multiple vehicles get into an accident, they do not usually collide all at once. Usually, two cars collide, and then other vehicles get caught up in the wreckage by crashing into the wrecked cars. This type of car crash is called a chain reaction accident or a pile-up accident.

Drivers can do a few things to prevent chain reaction accidents. For example, heavy rain and fog can cause accidents because they reduce visibility. You can drive slower when it is raining or foggy and reduce your crash risk and reduce the chance that you will pile onto other vehicles after they have collided with each other. Driving slower in wet or foggy conditions gives you more time to react to anything that you might see in the road, and it also helps you to have time to stop without hydroplaning if you do have to stop for any reason. Also, keeping plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you will ensure that you have room to avoid a collision if traffic slows or stops, or if an accident happens in front of you.

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