Electric Scooter ER Visits Often Involve Head Injuries

A recent study conducted by JAMA indicates that about 40 percent of emergency room visits resulting from electronic scooter crashes involve head injuries, making these the most common cause of serious injury associated with these vehicles.*

Other common injuries include fractures, cuts, and bruises. Electric scooters can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour. Rental e-scooters are likely to have a large and significant impact on public health, according to Dr. Joann Elmore, who worked on the JAMA study. E-scooters are inexpensive, offer accessibility and are popular. Injuries from these devices will likely be plentiful.

The study looked at records for 249 people who were treated at medical facilities in Los Angeles between September 1, 2017,and August 31, 2018. These medical facilities are in an area where e-scooters have become popular and where the devices were distributed suddenly prior to any regulations or legislation being written to restrict their use or require safety measures.

One company, Lime, recalled scooters last November after it became apparent that the model could break in use leading to serious injuries. Two deaths have been reported in accidents involving Lime scooters. The company is now looking to expand into New York City. The company says that it is dedicated to the safety of its riders. According to the company, “micromobility” is spreading fast because it is clean, safe and efficient. The company says that it is the future of transportation.

While most people injured were riding the scooter, there are also reports of pedestrians being injured by scooters.

One safety issue is that only 4 percent of the injured riders had helmets on at the time of their accidents.

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