Highland Auto Accident Kills Mother Of 2 And Crash Was A Volunteer With The Alhambra Jaycees

Fatal Highland Car Wreck In Highland, Illinois

Charlene Johnson, 45 and an active volunteer of the Alhambra Jaycees was tragically killed while on her way to work and along U.S. Interstate 40 according to close friends of the decedent. The tragic collisions occurred during the 4 A.M. hour. It is being reported by main news websites that the cause of the accident was due to another driver who had crossed the over the median and struck Charlene Johnson in a head-on collision.

According to news reports, other driver’s name is Wayne Stayton of Collinsville. Stayton of Collinsville to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Highland. After the accident, Mr. Stayton was medically evacuated to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Highland to receive medical treatment for a broken leg. It is unclear whether the accident was caused by dowdy driving or any other driver-related accident. However, Mr. Stanton reported to police that he was speeding just prior to the accident. Whether his speeding resulted in a loss of control is yet to be determined as Police investigate the fatal car wreck in Highland, Illinois.

Ms. Johnson’s family and friends are mourning her passing. Ms. Johnson will be remembered for her hard work, kindness and generosity to help others in need. Kelly Tracy said to news reporters, that Charlene was a hard worker and she wanted to help and make a difference. The first time she had met Ms. Johnson was at a Sitemap Cancer Center charity event. Other friends stated that Ms. Johnson was a happy person with a positive attitude and was a great mother who gave a lot to help others in need. Johnson is survived by her two children, a son and daughter, and her mother.

Speeding is one of the most common causes of accidents. Unfortunately speeding is also 100% avoidable. Stein & Shulman, LLC hopes that this tragedy can serve as a reminder to please driver safely. It would be better to arrive late and alive. Speeding wrecks lives. Our car accident lawsuit settlement attorneys hope that you will remind your friends, family and children to arrive alive by driving the speed limit.

Source of Names: The story was covered by Beth Hundsdorfer (bhundsdorfer@bnd.com) of Windstream
and BND.com and other news websites.