Hand And Wrist Injuries Sustained In A Chicago, Illinois Car Accident

Hand and wrist injuries are very common in car crashes. Most often, a driver involved in a crash will suffer hand injuries such as broken fingers, a broken wrist, or broken arm. Other injuries can occur as well. Those injuries include dislocations, strains, and sprains, as well as torn muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The injury a driver suffers most frequently occurs from bracing oneself for impact by grabbing the steering wheel. Passengers involved in a motor vehicle accident also experience injuries from bracing for impact but also from failing out of control after impact. Hand and wrist injuries are extremely painful and can take a long time to heal, causing tremendous pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Stein & Shulman are Chicago-based hand and wrist injury lawyers who have a sterling reputation for fighting for just compensation for their clients.

Hand and wrist injuries occur in car accidents from the application of tremendous forces applied to the body. A car crash creates enormous tension and compression on the hand and wrist when the driver or passengers grab something to hang on to when anticipating a collision. Fingers, hands, and wrists succumb to the pressures, and something must give. It is at that point when fingers and wrists break, and joints get twisted and dislocate.

Hand and wrist injuries also occur from flailing. Bones can fracture post-impact when violently thrown about the car interior and striking windows, dashboards, and doors. The impact may be sudden and rapid against these hard, unforgiving objects that bones in the hand and wrist can easily fracture.  Furthermore, accident victims may experience hyperextension of the fingers and wrist causing soft-tissue that is muscle, tendon, or ligament damage. Hyperextension injuries can cause nerve damage in the forearm, wrist, and hand.

While fractures are the most common hand and wrist injuries, vehicle occupants involved in a collision can suffer additional injuries as such as:

  • Hands and fingers can go numb and weak, while others still have experienced paralysis in their hands after the crash.
  • Some accident victims develop carpal tunnel syndrome after the accident. Joint pain and damage can manifest itself as declining flexibility and soreness.
  • Still, others experience a shooting pain that starts in their hands and goes straight up into their shoulders. Immediate relief can be found in shaking the numbness out or massaging the affected area.
  • The pain can be so severe that the victim loses sleep.
  • You should be treated by a physician if you are suffering from any of these symptoms.

Your physician will thoroughly examine your hands, wrists, and arms to determine the extent of your injury and develop a course of treatment designed to alleviate pain and recover. The examining physician will start off by comparing the range of motion in your healthy arm and compare it to the injured limb. The doctor will look at your ability to flex and stretch your wrist and fingers. Your physician will need to examine your bone structures as well. Your doctor will send you for an x-ray to determine whether any bones are broken in your hand and wrist. You may also need to have an MRI or CT-scan performed to see if there is any dislocation, tears, or nerve injury. Also, your doctor may order nerve conduction testing. This test will help the doctor diagnose or rule out any nerve damage from the car accident.

Hand And Wrist Injuries From A Car Accident Have Serious Ramifications

Hand and wrist injuries can take a long time to heal. You could be out of work for a long time, and your quality of life might be diminished from a hand or wrist injury. If you have experienced a hand or wrist injury during an auto accident, call the experienced car accident lawyers in Chicago at Stein & Shulman LLC can help. Learn how you can protect your rights by making an appointment with Stein & Shulman today by calling 312.422.0500 or complete our on-line contact form to schedule a free consultation. There is no fee unless we are successful on your behalf.


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